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CDD Fee benefits can be plentiful and very attractive when the real estate developer is experienced and financially responsible.

Imagine finding the perfect place to live.  You do some research and discover the builder is respected and has great reviews by existing homeowners.

The new community has a golf course, tennis facility, several resort-style swimming pools and bicycle and walking trails.  It’s more like a private resort than a neighborhood and everyone seems happy.

The neighborhood is gated and has a 24 hour security guard.  The landscaping is lush and beautifully maintained. and the roads, sidewalks, and public areas are new and pristine.


You decide to call a real estate agent and get the ball rolling on the purchase of your next new home.

You are informed there is something called a CDD FEE, in addition to your property taxes that must be paid annually. 

If you haven’t read our other article, The CDD FEE – What are CDD Fees, take a minute to read it and educate yourself about CDD Fees.


So you ask, “Why are these fees so high in cost annually and just exactly how do they benefit me?”

Let’s take a look here at all the ways the CDD can benefit you.

First, the community is allocating an annual amount for things like maintenance of roads and sidewalks and common areas.  This is good because it helps preserve the value of the real estate values in the community when all public areas and roads are in good repair. I mean, who wants to buy a new home on a street with potholes and water flooding issues?

Second, the CDD Fees typically pay for a portion, or in some circumstances, the entire annual budgeted amount to operate things like community swimming pools, tennis and pickleball courts, children playground equipment, and clubhouses.  This means you have access to these amenities at your disposal all year included in those fees and you aren’t required to go ‘outside’ the community and pay a separate amount to enjoy such things.

Third, the CDD can establish standards for things in the community in conjunction with the Homeowners Association the manage and enforce standards when it comes to architectural additions, landscaping, or home improvement projects.  This means all homeowners understand that they are required to keep their property in a condition and look and feel similar to all others in the community for the good of the community.  So, sorry, no 100 foot high permanent team mascot statues on your front lawn.

Finally, since the CDD is responsible for collecting and managing the disbursement of funds for maintenance and improvements you can be assured you aren’t going to have to deal with governmental bureaucracy when it comes time to repair the roads, or replace some street lights.


Another overlooked fact is that Community Development Districts have the ability to borrow money (usually in the form of bonds).  This gives communities a tremendous amount of flexibility when it comes to things like financing the addition of new roads or community amenities like a new park or swimming pool.

Remember, most Community Development Districts have fees that last indefinitely. So don’t expect these fees to go away after any certain time period.


At the end of the day the old adage holds true, even for these fee’s, “You get what you pay for”

In most circumstances the higher the fees you pay the more amenities and services you should expect to receive from your community.

Be smart and research the fees before you buy. Check the amounts in reserves and the financial health of the developer, before you put down a deposit, or better, yet find a good real estate agent who’s familiar with the community you are interested in and ask them for all the information they have about the fees, amenities and financial health of the CDD.

If you have any questions about CDD fees, new homes for sale in Lakewood Ranch, Florida, or Sarasota Florida real estate, please feel free to contact me at 941-225-8806 or my email

About the author – Ken O’Brien is a licensed Florida real estate agent in Sarasota, Florida with the July 2021 real estate brokerage. He and his team focus on delivering the best services in the Sarasota, Florida and Lakewood Ranch, Florida real estate markets.

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