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Learn our time-tested system to Building Wealth as a Real Estate Entrepreneur.  

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The Power of Proximity

We do all of our coachings and training on-site right here in the Sarasota area.  We will have a series of 1 on1 and small group sessions that support an optimum coaching environment.  *Due to current Covid-19 circumstances, we may do some of our training utilizing Zoom meetings.  

Team of Expert Coaches

Ken O’Brien is our master Real Estate coach and team leader.  He has been a Real Estate Professional since 1999.  Over the past 20 years he has been an active Real Estate investor, and for the past 8 years, a professional coach, teaching business skills development to Real Estate investors and professionals, personal development, and wellness.

Mastery Community

Our small Mastery community is a powerful tool that allows students to collaborate, share experiences, and work together to become successful.  We support a team environment, encouraging collaborative projects with other team members.

What you can expect as a Coaching Client and Team Member

One on One Mentoring & Support –  You will participate in daily and weekly 1 on 1 sessions with your coach, and participate in daily small group sessions. 

Coaching and support are available to you anytime you need it. We understand questions or problems come up in business at any moment and they need to be addressed in real-time.  You are working with us side by side daily.  We will there to coach you and support you every step of the way. 

Real Estate Deal Mastery – You will work with us daily to learn very quickly how to find and execute Fix and Flip deals, wholesale deals, buy and hold rental properties, as well as learn how to structure each deal.  We we will teach you and show you:

When to buy and when to stay away … 

Calculating profit prior to the offer being made …

Understanding ARV …

How much to offer for a property …

How to determine accurate rehab costs …

How to finance an REI deal and where to get the money to pay for the deal through our network of private money lenders …

Prepare for the sale …

Business Building – You will watch and learn how we use the latest tools and technology to find the hottest Real Estate deals in our market today.  

See firsthand how we attract motivated sellers, wholesale and retail buyers, and private lenders to our deals.

Everything you need to run your business effectively and efficiently is included with your REI mastery coaching package. 

We will provide you with the best Real Estate CRM with automation software. 

You will have full unlimited access to the best Real Estate Investment software platform that pin-points investment opportunities very quickly.

You will be part of our team of Real Estate professionals.   You will be included on our team website, which will give you credibility from the outset. 

Your onboarding will take place immediately to get you up and running your very first week.  You will learn from your coach how to use the tools and systems that streamline what we do so we can all focus on REI deals.  

There is $0 cost to you to use our tools, systems, and technology.  

Real Estate Education and licensing – Unlike a lot of Real Estate investing education out there that tell you a Real Estate license is not a big benefit, well, we say they are wrong.  They are just trying to sell courses. 

This is serious business, and it takes consistent work, education, and coaching.  The more knowledge you have about Real Estate, the more effective your Real Estate investing career will be long term.  We don’t promise you short terms riches, but we will show you how to build long term wealth as a Real Estate professional investor.  

*Obtaining your Real Estate license is NOT a requirement to be accepted into the SPE Real Estate Investment coaching program, but highly recommended. 

**We cover all costs for you should you choose to acquire your Real Estate license. 

If you are serious about Real Estate investing, then it just makes sense to get licensed. It can be done quickly,  and why pay an agent a commission to sell your fix and flips, or pay a commission to list and rent your buy and holds.  *You must be licensed to earn a referral fee, which is an easy way to earn  25% on a referred deal you may not want to participate in.  

Luxury home sales training – We highly recommend this 2-day online training to earn a CLHMS designation (certified luxury home marketing specialist).  It will prepare you for executing successful deals with luxury property distressed sellers and buyers.  (The cost of $495 is paid in full by SPE).  

Preparing for the state Real Estate exam is not difficult when you have the support system in place to keep you on track.  You will get it done quickly.

Preparing for the state exam WILL NOT delay your REI education.  Your REI education will begin the very first week as we teach you the mastery skills you need to become a successful Real Estate investor. 

Holding the Realtor designation will build a solid foundation of knowledge and credibility within the industry. This will prove to be advantageous when dealing with apprehensive home sellers, buyers, and private money lenders.

Mindset Immersion

Goals board

One simple truth you will hear spoken over and over again from successful coaches, mentors and entrepreneurs alike is this: reaching your maximum potential as a successful Real Estate investor begins and ends with your mindset.

Your success as an entrepreneur is 80% mindset and 20% technical.  

You’ll learn how to break through any lingering fears you might have that are holding back your success.

You’ll learn how to overcome those fears and use them as the motivation you need to take actions in your daily life so you can grow and evolve your business.

You learn how time management and consistent daily tasks will lead you down the path to success. 

We will work together to set business goals that will increase the speed of implementation and help you achieve greater results.

With the benefits of this invaluable knowledge, you’ll come to realize just how important a role having the right mindset can play in taking the success of your Real Estate investing business to a whole new level.

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Ready to start your Real Estate education? 


Real Estate search with technology
evaluating property
Successful rental property bought
Real Estate search
Make money with Houses
Graph of the Real Estate buying process